intraining Customised Process

C U S T O M I S E D   F O O T W E A R    AT   intraining Running Centre


You are invited to try our customised system for one month, obligation free.   to keep your shoes customised individually to your feet and simply email us your feedback form.



1. Go through our guaranteed footwear fitting experience with one of our trained staff

2. Once the correct footwear has been selected, let us begin the process of customising your footwear

3. Firstly, we will require you to take off your shoes. We will then shape the special insert to your chosen footwear

4. We will begin preparing the insert so that it is ready to fit your unique foot contours.

5. Apply pressure to the insert with your body weight  - this triggers the personalised moulding process

6. Take you outside for another run with your new shoes and customised fit

7. Make any adjustments if required and repeat process




The process:

The new intraining customized footwear system is an added benefit, to our already guaranteed footwear fitting process, that we hope your feet enjoy. This reduces the footwear “break in” period as the shoe has already been conformed to your foot shape.


The extra support and comfort these customised inserts provide, will help you run longer and safer compared to what you would receive in a standard non customised shoe.



Shoe customization is another service that we offer at intraining Running Centre
so that you can focus on your running